During landscape design development, our most important desire is to balance the goals of the client with what’s feasible on-site, both in the physical space and what’s required by city or state ordinance.

To achieve this, our master planning process includes close discussion with the client, as well as the site architect and municipal officials, to find the best design solution possible.

Together we’ll discuss short and long term goals, any necessary design alternatives, phasing the work as needed, and a professional opinion of construction costs.

Master Planning includes:

  • Dialog with client regarding project goals
  • Review of local codes and ordinances and effect they have on design
  • Preparation of or use of site plan base sheet by others
  • Preparation of preliminary design layout noting proposed features: walks, driveway, patio, sitting areas, outdoor kitchen, activity areas, swimming pool/spa, shade structure, fire pit/fireplace, garden beds, lawn area, fruit trees, and paving material options
  • Review of preliminary design and questions with client as well as alternative layouts and materials
  • Preparation of final master plan

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