Water Use Audit

Our water resources are stretched to the limit, and demand is only going to increase as our climate changes.

The best way to help is to lower your landscape water needs and eliminate water waste. You can do this through common sense practices, such as water conserving landscape designs, good landscape maintenance, and periodic water audits.

What is a water audit?

A water audit can be as simple as activating an existing irrigation system and observing any obvious problems (broken heads, misaligned sprinklers, broken pipe, damaged control valves, etc.). Many times these corrections alone can save considerable amounts of water.

As a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, we can provide not only the above service, but we can also offer a more detailed water audit, including:

  • Creating a design which meets local and state water efficient landscape requirements
  • Using “catch cans” in the field to calculate the distribution uniformity, or DU, to determine potential problems (coverage issues, poor installation, etc.)
  • Studying soil type, local ETO, root depth, and plant variety to make recommendations for modifications to the controller scheduling or the system itself

We are also certified to review plans from other designers to confirm the design is in compliance, can audit the installation of those projects, and can prepare a report showing that it is in compliance with the approved design.

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